Buying our first sailing yacht – post #4

When we returned to Umkomaas we brought a few things with us from the boat, there was a few things that needed to be painted.  Boy did we have a lot to research! We have registered and surveyed plenty boats for our fishing and scuba diving businesses but never a yacht.  We had to make sure we were getting all the right paperwork and safety gear together to get our yacht listed and surveyed.  

The lady at the SA Sailing Durban office was fantastic, I could phone or email her with all my questions and she was only to happy to help.  She arranged for a surveyor to meet us in East London.  We did the listing before we left, registering all the radios Etc also. Things were getting really exciting for us, we had a name for our boat and she was registered in our name. 

We named her Salty Cow.  How did we come to that name you may wonder 😊. Well, we have a dog named Cow, no it’s not a female dog either, it’s a male!  When he was born his coloring looked like a jersey cow so he was named Cow 😂.  

During the months of June and July we have clients out to dive on the sardines for the annual Sardine Run along the South African Wild Coast.  Emil was in Mbotyi with the clients so Joshua, Juley and I did all the painting and prep work on the safety gear that needed to go back to the boat.  The plan was for them to be driven down to East London one last time to finish off the last bit of work on the boat before the surveyor arrived.  Emil and I would then catch the bus from Durban to East London and we would then sail her up to Durban.  

Things were finally getting real for our first time sailing her 😁⛵️. The bus trip was pretty uneventful except for the building excitement.  Joshua had been watching the weather, we had the perfect weather window coming up. We met up with the surveyor, everything was in order.

Yay, we could make the final preparations to leave.


Author: Salty Travellers

We are a 50 something couple, married for 32 years, ready to realize our long overdue dream of travelling to distant shores on our yacht. Our 3 children are all following their dreams so now it's our turn.