Buying our first sailing yacht – post #3

Sorry for the delay in posts, I will really try to get them up more consistently.

We waited for the tide to go out.  It was a long and very noisy night.  We had the mast hoisted up to the bridge with all the rigging attached, so as you can imagine the noise of the clanging rigging was very loud, especially since we are not used to this kind of noise.  It was quite an awakening knowing that these were some of the noises we were going to have to get used to.

The mast was finally stepped once the tide had gone out sufficiently.  It was quite a feat, but we did really well, much to the surprise of the yacht club members.  One thing is for sure the men in our family do not back down that easily.

I am trying to locate the photos that were taken, but seem to only find video footage.  I will keep searching.

Finally she was looking more like a yacht, just without the sails. That was going to be Joshua and Juley’s job, to get the sails up and the rigging and halyards sorted out.  They had 2 weeks or so there on their own, Joshua wired up some lighting etc.  Juley’s dad and step-mom went down for a visit and stayed with Joshua and Juley on the boat.

Emil and I returned with our granddaughter to Umkomaas.  We had decided that we needed to get the yacht up to Durban as soon as possible because it was costing quite a bit in travelling, both time and money.  Also it was a bit of a mission each time to make sure we were taking everything we may or may not need for the boat.

I approached SA Sailing in Durban about registering the boat and doing the survey in East London so we could sail it up to Durban.  The lady at SA Sailing was so helpful.

The next trip down to East London would be to fetch Joshua and Juley and get the registration and survey paperwork done.

Post 4 coming soon!


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