Buying our first sailing yacht – post #2


So this is what our yacht looked like when we bought her.  No masts or rigging. At least the motor worked so we could move her from where she was moored to the jetty so we could have easy access to her.

After all the paperwork was done we returned to Umkomaas.  Lots of research was done by Joshua on how to put all the rigging back.  We knew we had plenty work ahead of us when we returned to East London, firstly we had to get the masts and rigging, all the sails and electronics from the previous owner’s house down to the yacht club.  Everyone was telling us the only way was to hire a crane truck to transport the masts and then a crane to install them.  Nope, not this family, we did not want to spend unnecessary money on stuff that we could possibly do ourselves, so Emil, being a genius at figuring these sorts of things out had other ideas!

As usual with anything boating the plans changed slightly, we decided to “quickly” take a weekend and go down to East London and get the masts and rigging onto the boat, as the previous owner’s wife wanted her house back and we needed to get everything out a.s.a.p.  We loaded up our trusty VW Jetta and a trailer with everything we thought we would need.

Emil rigged the mast behind the Jetta so we could tow it to the yacht club. Everything that came with the yacht was loaded into the Jetta and trailer.  We must have looked a sight 🙂

The next morning we needed to get the masts up, the main mast is 20m and the mizzen around 12m.  DSC_4110.JPG

Just up from the yacht club is a bridge.  Emil and Joshua decided to rig a pulley system to hoist the masts up and drive the yacht under the bridge to place the masts.  We did the mizzen first so we could use it to help with the main mast. Everything was worked out, even though the yacht club members doubted we would get it right.  Everything was going to plan until we attempted to place the main mast and the bridge height was too short!!  We forgot about the tidal change with the Buffalo River!!  We had to wait until the tide went out!

Post #3 to follow soon





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